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Terms and Conditions
1. Bulk bag purchased from us will be new ones and 90cm cubic capacity. 
2. Bulk bags collected will first be inspected and only lifted when we deem them to be suitable and safe.
3.  Excess material will not be collected unless contained in a bag and not when loose. Over filled bags will not be collected. 
4. Bags ready for collection must be positioned close to a driveway threshold or gateway or within 3 meters of where it is possible to position our collection lorry. If it is not possible to position our collection lorry close enough to the full bag ready for collection then it may not be possible for us to remove the full bag. (This will be at our discretion!) Please inform us if it will not be possible to position our collection lorry on ,near or on the approach to  your property.
5. Collection distance charges may sometimes apply depending on your location. The online shop will calculate this if applicable. For longer distances, please call for costs .
6. While the cost of purchasing a new bag from us for different types of waste will be the same,the cost of collection once containing either green waste (garden/plant matter) or inert waste (soil, concrete, rock,or brick) will differ to reflect the costs of processing. Please see our online shop for listings and purchase.
7. Bags for collection should contain the same type of fill the bag with either green waste (plant materials) or inert waste .ie: (concrete,rubble,soil,brick or stone). Please do not fill bags with both of the above types of materials at the same time. Examples of water types: Green waste. (grass clippings,leaves,wood chip,small branches and twigs etc).  Inert waste. concrete,rubble,brick,soil etc.
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